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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My dear Adwa,

Mama is already 5 weeks preggy now sayang. That means inside Mama's womb, there's a cute little baby growing. And she/he is your adik! I hope you do feel excited as much as Abah and Mama do, even though Mama knows that you not really understand what happens around you sayang...

Do you want to take a look how's your adik grow inside Mama's tummy this week sayang?

Owh yes, your adik was so small sayang, only a size of a sesame seed, which half centimeter long (too small isn't it?). Adik is kecik, but MasyaAllah, your adik already has a heartbeat!

And just letting you know sayang, your adik's major organs including kidney and liver, begins to grow. Just like you did when you were at this age in my tummy dear!

Mama may not look preggy at this point, well, it's an advantage to keep my pregnancy as a secret to all. I am not ready to annouce about my pregnancy to public yet. Hurm... I will keep it for a secret till your adik is 14 weeks old ok?

Till todate Mama still has no sign of getting morning sickness like I had when I was carrying you, Adwa. Thinking about how bad my morning sickness when I was carrying you, makes me pray that I won't have morning sickess during my second pregnancy. I keep on telling myself, "Tak mabuk punya kali ni...Tak mabuk punye....." Hihhihihi....

Hey, Mama just tried pregnancy due date calculator from Baby Center, and here's interesting date for us to mark it on our calendar!

September 16, 2010 (2 weeks pregnant)

Your adik is conceived

Doctors start counting pregnancy from the first day of Mama's last period, so at conception I'm considered 2 weeks along.

September 30, 2010 (4 weeks pregnant)

Positive pregnancy test

Ehm, Mama found out that I was carrying your adik a day before your first birthday, remember??

November 11, 2010 (10 weeks pregnant)

Your adik's heart beats

At next prenatal visit, we'll be able to hear your adik's heartbeat for the first time.

Disember 9, 2010 (14 weeks pregnant)

It a perfect time to announce that Mama is preggy!!

I decided to wait until the riskiest period was over, so at this week I think I am ready to announce my  pregnancy.

Disember 16, 2010 (15 weeks pregnant)

Adik sees light

Your adik can see light at this age (through eyelids that are still fused shut) and may move if you shine a flashlight at Mama's belly. We'll try it later okay sayang?

Disember 23, 2010 (16 weeks pregnant)

Your adik -  a boy or girl?

At my mid-pregnancy ultrasound (typically in the next four weeks), we may be able to find out your adik's gender.Hurm, maybe I should ask abah to get Atuk Hamid's advise on this. He's the one telling me and Abah that you are a baby boy!!!

Januari 6, 2011 (18 weeks pregnant)

Feel your adik kick

Hemm, your first kick was in your 21st week, and I think your adik will do the same ;).


Januari 13, 2011 (19 weeks pregnant)

Your adik hears sounds

Your adik should be able to hear your voice now, so Adwa sayang, don't hesitate to talk, sing, or read aloud to your adik. Talk to her/him often. Tell your adik that you can't wait to play with her/him.

Mac 10, 2011 (27 weeks pregnant)

Your adik can breathe

Your adik's lungs are still immature but could function (with a lot of medical help) if your adik were born now.

April 14, 2011 (32 weeks pregnant)

Your adik already has fingernails and toenails

They're awfully tiny, but your adik has bona fide fingernails and toenails by now.

Mei 19, 2011 (37 weeks pregnant)

Your adik is full-term

Your adik is ready for life outside the womb but will probably stay in there for a bit longer, gaining weight.

Jun 9, 2011 (40 weeks pregnant)

Your adik's due - she/he is ready to see the world!!

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