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Friday, December 10, 2010


Well, a bit late but I want to share my last miscarriage with you out there.


6:56 pm
OMG... time ticks really slow.. I'm sleepy but maghrib is around the corner... I'll wait after dinner to rest. Sayang and Adwa already on their way home.. Well, only me left on this #1 bed in 2A ward, bored. Writing this to kill the boredom. I'll write everything if possible, to share with you guys my experience on pre, during and post D&C procedure. Just got my new roomies, still don't have chance to talk with her but from what i've heard (her conversation wif the nurse) i guess she got diarrhea and loss lots of body fluids (she needs to measure her intake and output of fluids).
7.05 pm
Just had my dinner...nasi putih, sayur kangkung and petola, ayam masak lemak cili padi and 4 slices of honeydew... dengan bayaran serendah RM4 sehari, dpt makanan sedap 4 kali sehari, hehehe...Jemput makan...

2200 pm
Dr Muzammil came for another blood sample. I'm too sleepy to ask. Dan pasang IV jugak.. Sakit dowh. Doktor ni tak pandai ler.. Berlubang tangan aku...

Nampak tak lubangnyer? Hadoiii...

Cubaan kedua. Orait...

2250 pm 
Dr Ahmad Muzammil came for my signature. One for D&C ERPOC procedure, another one is for blood transfusion, in case any serious bleeding occured. Haiyah.. I thought sleeping in the hospital will be undisturbing since there will be no wake up call from my little alarm clock, Adwa. but this guy ah, keep on waking me up to sign this, bla,bla...

2300 pm
i"ll be fasting starting from 0000hrs. a nurse came in and gave me some gastric medication. sambg titon.. no more wake up call after this , hopefully...

8.30 am
I bleed, a lot since last night. I need to change my pad every half an hour. From 7 am this morning, total kotex overnight pad changed: 11 pads. Aall heavily soaked with fresh blood. The contraction was killing me. It is similar to menstrual cramps, but more painful. Pain rating from 1 to 10, I'll give it 7.

10.30 am
I havent seen myself bleed a lot like this. My head start spinning. I'm dizzy because I lost too much blood. Already informed the nurse. 3 MA came in, and one decided to cut the queue and ask the nurse to put my name on top of the OT list since I'm in critical condition.

3.30 pm
Alhamdullilah. Semuanya selamat. Masuk OT 12.55pm, prosedur start at 2.10pm. Settle around 2.20pm Requested full anaes. Sorry tak leh tulis panjang. Kesan bius masih ada. Informed by MA just now, I need to stay for another night because i lost a lot of blood, approx 500cc.


0935 am
attending breastfeeding talk, hehe

1200 pm
had my final lunch before discharge. nosi tomato, sayur campur, ayam merah, kerabu, and lychee pudding. yummy!! Dischage at 1pm, and given 9 days MC.

Nasi Tomato yang sodap. Heh

Uniform rasmi, heh
dan gelang 'Habib' ekekekeke...

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