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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WEEK 6 - My sweet lil' quasi-mermaid

(image is larger than life)

Your tiny manatee has a busy calendar chock full of epic growth and development this week.

The very beginnings of wee hand plates and the early formations of what will be their fingers are already visible! And of course their genius brain is still growing like - well, a brain on fire.

The bottom half of your tiny sea-creature's body will not develop quite as fast, so they're starting to look a little bit like a quasi-mermaid/man with their hand plates on top and flipper legs and tail.

In the past weeks, your sea-monkey has been very curled up with their head and tail in close proximity, but this week their trunk and neck are beginning to grow and straighten as their tail recedes into its resting position in the back.

Even though your little one is only 6 weeks old, they're already capable of demonstrating reflex responses to touch!

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