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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I'm already 12 weeks preggy. One main reason that I should be happy - Leaving my first trimester means, my morning sickness will ended soon! Yeay!

Went to Hamid Arshad's yesterday for monthly check up and did ultrasound to check on my little fella's development. Whoops, forgot to tell you that I already felt my baby moving, kicking and doing sommersaults since last 2 weeks!

My in law told me it's too early to feel the movements, but I swear I can feel her tiny feet kicking! And the ultrasound image prove that! Siap tendang-tendang, angkat tangan, pastu tunjuk muka dia! Bila semua orang dah excited, dia palingkan muka dia pulak... Hehehe...

So me and hubby (and Adwa too!) happy giler semalam. Masa time Adwa dulu dia diam jer tiap kali scan. Ni si kecik ni kemain lagi tak leh diam dalam tu. Hehehehe.

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  1. wah tahniah2..dah nak abis sesi murung & loya..he..cepat eh 12 wk dah abis..kak lin dua2 pregnant lama sesi tu..
    tp mmg betul pun awal2 dulu dah rasa dah..k.lin pn masa scan doktor susah nak ukur baby..asik berpusing2 je..
    aktif sgt..