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Thursday, September 1, 2011

WEEK 13 - Farewell first trimester...

~length3 in | 7.6 cm
~weight1 oz | 28 g

WOOHOO! This is the last week of my first trimester! My baby now measures at: 2.5 oz and 3.5 in. long and has developed the capacity to taste and smell. Little hairs called lanugo are starting to cover their body to provide anchor points for the waxy anti-chapping substance that will soon cover their skin.

Buckle up folks, we're about to heading into trimester two!

My little womb tenant is getting bigger and smarter every day! Her skin is paper-thin and rather see-through, showing off all her shiny new functioning and still-developing organs.

Her sense of taste and smell are more developed and refined while their cozy amniotic sac continues to increase in size and mass and fill with more fluid.

As we embark on the second trimester, it's time for my manatee-to-alien-to-tiny-weird-human to evolve into monkey baby!

Little hairs, known as lanugo, will start to cover my baby's body this week, which will eventually be shed some time after birth.

Of all the trimesters, this one has been the most critical to ensuring my baby's development is on the right track.

I've got your little one set up for some spectacular growth and development in tri-two! Way to go, mama!

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